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This Couple Broke Up For A Week And Came Back Stronger

"I'm eating popcorn for dinner!"

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Hi, I'm Ned, and I'm married. I talk about my wife a lot because she's such an important part of my life. But what happens when we're forced to spend a week apart?


No texting, no communication, trying to live like we did when we were single. (Aside from, you know, sleeping with other people.)

You change when you're in a relationship. There are certain vices you give up, certain compromises you make. Could "breaking up" help us understand that? We asked my chronically single friend Zach for advice.


One day, I got locked out of my car and had to get it towed. It was horrible. I was exhausted, waiting for the tow truck at 1 a.m. All I wanted to do tell Ariel about it. Luckily, I had the support of my friends, The Try Guys.