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    What Happens When Girls Design Their Boyfriends’ “Ideal” Outfit

    “Skinny jeans, tie, all the things he doesn’t like.”

    We brought in professional stylist Lindsay Albanese to help three lucky girlfriends makeover their boyfriends. Finally, the guys would wear exactly what their girlfriends wanted.

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    Up first was Tyler. He usually dresses pretty conservative and casual.

    His girlfriend Safiya wanted him to have more of a hipster, moto-look.

    Next was Steven. He dresses pretty basic.

    His girlfriend Jen wanted him to dress like an Italian model.

    Then there's Ify. He loves Kanye's style and likes to wear tight pants.

    But his wife Aurora had a different idea.

    The girlfriends left the room and Lindsay got to work.

    Check out their stunning transformations!

    Buongiorno Steven!

    YAASSS. Take me on a magic carpet ride, Ify.

    Sometimes you just need a confidence boost from a loving partner.