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This Girl Stuck Her Head In A Box Of Spiders For Her Boyfriend

"I can feel it crawling on my neck!"

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Two couples competed to see who was the ultimate "goals" in a test of communication, trust, and love by putting their faces in a box filled with creepy-crawly scary stuff. It's "Love Goals: The Fear Box Challenge."

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The defending champions, Jen and Steven, were feeling pretty cocky after their victory last episode. They claim to "learn new things about each other every day." Will that be an advantage?


The "Not My Arms" Challenge features one person acting as the arms for another person. Today's challenge is shaving. Jen draws first blood...literally.


After their victory in the Mini-Challenge, Paolo and Patrick have a choice: spiders or snakes? Based off their reaction when they see the spiders, you can guess what they pick...

TIME FOR THE FEAR BOX! One person puts their face in a box full of the creepy-crawly scary stuff and answers as many questions about their partner as possible. The team to get the most questions right wins!



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