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10 Tumblr Blogs You *Need* To Follow

Whether you're looking for baking inspiration, new and exciting cocktails, or just some hipster puppies; here are 10 profiles you need to check out.

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1. The Recipe Pantry

The Recipe Pantry / Via

For those days when you need some baking inspiration, look no further. This Chocolate & Pumpkin Oreo Cake, and their S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake are to die for.

2. Terrible Real-Estate Agent Photos

terriblerealestateagentphotos / Via

For those who love (bad) photography and (bad) real-estate agents, this is the blog for you.

3. Just Make Me Something

justmakemesomething / Via

If cocktails are your bag, these guys are the ones to watch. They're mixing Tanqueray with Fruit Loops... I mean....

4. Travel Story

travel-story / Via

This blog will give you *serious* wanderlust.

5. Fuck Yeah Mindy Kaling

chaparitta / Via

...because Mindy Kaling is bae.

6. Hipster Puppies

hipsterpuppies / Via

Puppies. But HIPSTER.

7. 365 Days of New Music

carpenter / Via

New music every single day. SO great for discovering new sounds!

8. RE: Lin-Manuel Miranda

best-of-lin-manuel / Via

Highlights of Lin-Manuel Miranda's twitter feed, which *everyone* should be following.

9. Tea Coffee Books

teacoffeebooks / Via

Because there is nothing more cozy or instagramable than tea, coffee, and books.

10. Lunchbox Jokes

lunchboxjokes / Via

For those who love a bad pun.

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