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    16 Real Ways To Stay Crazy In Love After You Have Kids

    There are lots of small, achievable things you and your parenting partner can do every day to stay Jay and Bey–level connected.

    1. Always say hello and good-bye.

    2. Take an adult time-out before lights-out.

    3. If you need to fight or have a serious conversation, do it IRL.

    4. Remember that being intimate doesn't always mean having sex.

    5. Be specific about what you need.

    6. Stop saying everything is fine when it isn't.

    7. Always speak for yourself, rather than using phrases that sound accusatory.

    8. Always say goodnight to each other.

    9. Snuggle up at night (or start out that way).

    10. Support each other's need for chill time away from the kids.

    11. Find moments when you can each do your own thing — together.

    12. Go for the tiny gesture.

    13. Don't forget to say "I love you" when you're texting or talking on the phone.

    14. Arrange parents-only getaways.

    15. Give each other a power thank-you.

    16. Leave the past behind and operate in the now.