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19 Ways Your Marketing Department Is Like "The Real Housewives"

Money can't buy you class. But it can buy increased brand awareness, engagement, and consumer retention.

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1. Everyone has a "love it!" face...

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"How creative!"

2. ...and an "are you kidding me?" face.

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"That's price PER ITEM?"

3. It's nearly impossible to get anything done when everyone's in the room...

Too many cooks in the... Google Doc.

4. ...but true leaders know how to organize the chaos.

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Delegation is key.

5. Everyone's obsessed with glamorous swag.

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Glamorous free swag, that is.

6. Everyone inspires each other's best creativity.

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7. Some people are hard to motivate...

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AKA that associate who does nothing all day long.

8. ...while others are very hard to please.

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AKA your boss when you suggest "maybe making it black and white(?)"

9. Everyone keeps a close watch on the competitors' strategies.

Know what you're up against.

10. Everyone looks at each other before responding on a conference call.

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11. Everyone tries to hide their distaste for a while...

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Like when the first round of mocks arrives.

12. ...but sometimes a blunt opinion is needed.

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Like when the eighth round of mocks arrives.

13. Everyone lives or dies by social media.

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Retweet > Favorite.

14. Everyone's always trying to align with the younger demo.

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Walk a mile in their TOMS.

15. Research is essential to understanding consumers.

Hit that target demo.

16. Some people really give it their all during presentations...

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[Eye contact]

17. ...because they know presentability can be a valuable asset to the group.

Consumers are drawn to beautiful imagery.

18. When there's a tight deadline, everyone supports each other to get the work done.

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19. And at the end of the day, everyone is after one common goal.

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