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14 Questions Your Parents Have About Your Job In "Media"

"Sounds complicated!" It's a bummer they don't know what you do, but it's awesome that they don't know their birthday presents are always re-gifted sponsored swag.

1. "So... it's kind of like marketing, right?"

2. "I bet you work with such creative people. What are they like?"

3. "Are you the one to blame for pop-up ads?"

4. "We love that one commercial! Don't you?!"

5. "Did you know they're bringing that one show back?"

6. "Is it normal to work such late hours?"

7. "Do you have time to set up a Twitter for me?"

8. "Why do you own $400 sunglasses, but can’t afford new socks?"

9. "It sounds like fun! Is it fun?"

10. "Your sister said your job requires a lot of boring spreadsheets though...?"

11. "Do you think you might move home someday?"

12. "Did you say you could or couldn't get us a picture with Andy Cohen?"

13. "Do you know how proud of you we are?"

14. "And... what exactly is your job title again?"