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15 Reasons You Wish You Had Pharrell In Your Life

Team Pharrell forever. He's back for the new season of The Voice, Mondays 8/7c & Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC.

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Yeah, so we already know Pharrell Williams is an amazing coach on The Voice. But imagine if he were in your life as well?

Just imagine.

Just imagine.

1. He'd show up into your life like:

NBC / Via

You'd be all like "HEY PHARRELL, WHAT'S GOOD?" And he'd be like: "You are!"

2. He would say inspiring things to you to make you feel important.

3. When you did something incredible, he'd make sure you knew it.

NBC / Via

Pharrell wants you to know when you're doing great.

4. He'd be chill with all of your friends.

NBC / Via

He'd walk in and do this cool wave, and your friends would be like "damn."

5. If you were arguing with someone and just OWNED, he'd stand up and make sure everyone in the room was paying attention.

NBC / Via

"Did you hear that, though?"

6. Pharrell would share his deep and serious wisdom with you.

NBC / Via

Soon you would be as powerful and successful as he is, just by association.

7. He'd introduce you to his famous friends.

We can't wait for the @NBCTheVoice finale tonight, right @gwenstefani? Watch @NBC at 8/7c.

8. He'd laugh at your jokes when they were really funny...but he'd help you fix your bad ones.

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But to Pharrell, most of your jokes would be funny. Because this is your dream, and you make the rules.

9. When you went for a run in the morning, he'd be driving along next to you, cheering you on.

NBC / Via

"YOU'VE GOT THIS," he would say.

10. When you got a promotion at work, Pharrell would be there celebrating with you.

NBC / Via

Pharrell loves it when you come out on top.

11. If your outfit SLAYED but nobody gave you a compliment when you walked in the room, he'd be all like: "People! Come on!"

NBC / Via

Pharrell knows a good outfit when he sees one.

12. He'd give you criticism, but only because he would want you to get better.

NBC / Via

He knows you can handle it.

13. If he said something bad, you wouldn't mind, because he's Pharrell, and he can say what he wants.

NBC / Via

You can't stay mad at Pharrell.

14. If mosquitoes came near you, he'd slay them for you with an invisible sword.

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15. And he'd just generally make your mosquito-free life a thousand times better.

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Just because he's Pharrell.

But if we can't get Pharrell to be in our lives, we'll watch him on The Voice. He’ll be back in the red chair alongside Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, Mondays 8/7c & Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC.