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12 Things Your Cat Can Do Better Than You

Cats have all kinds of hidden talents -- just like the celebrities on I Can Do That! Watch it on NBC, Tuesdays 10/9c.

1. Fix a friend's bad hair day: / Via

Their hair > your hair.

2. Meditate:


3. Work what their mothers gave them:

Paws down. Tail up. SLAAAAYYYY.

4. Solve #lawnproblems:

THIS is how to get rid of gophers.

5. Be a freak in the sheets:

So uninhibited. So free.

6. Know when it's laundry day:

Did. Not. Pass. Smell. Test.

7. Avoid carbs:

The Catkins diet is crazy strict.

8. Look fly AF:

Feeling his look HARD.

9. Make an entrance:


10. Accomplish #squadgoals:

You want to join like now.

11. Have game:

"Can I whisker in your ear? Will cattery get me anywhere? You feline me gurl?"

12. Exit bad conversations:

They pretty much invented ghosting, so don't even try to tell them about your weird dream.

Cats aren't the only ones with hidden talents -- watch celebrities show off their skills and catch I Can Do That on NBC, Tuesdays 10/9c.

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