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9 Reasons Why Life Is Always Better With Your Crew

NBC's new comedy, Grand Crew, is all about good times and fine wine. Like most things in life, good times and fine wine are better enjoyed with friends.

1. You have trusted people to share life's most important decisions with...

2. ...and who aren't afraid to call you out on said decisions.

3. Friends will smile with you through uncomfortable situations.

4. Your crew is there to remind you that you deserve the finer things in life.

5. Friends know what to do about the toxic people in your life.

6. Good buds always hype up your fashion choices.

7. They'll be there to support you (and laugh at you) during your most embarrassing moments.

8. Truly, what's the point of dating if you don't have a squad to talk to about it?

9. And most importantly, you'll always have someone to have champagne with.

Check out the trailer for Grand Crew and be sure to grab your crew and a bottle (or two) of wine to catch the show, Tuesdays on NBC and streaming the next day on Peacock!