6 Mysteries In "Stranger Things" That Need To Be Solved In Season 4

    With March coming to a quick end, the highly anticipated new season is getting closer and closer — so we NEED answers to those brain-scratching mysteries!

    After almost three years, Stranger Things Season 4 will finally be coming to Netflix — on May 23, 2022, to be exact. With the release date around the corner, let's take a look at a few mysteries that will hopefully get solved in Season 4.

    eleven, will, mike, max, and lucas in a hallway, all with big eyes, eyebrows up as if scared

    1. Who is the "American" in a Russian prison?

    2. When the portal closed, did the host humans survive?

    Mindflayer fallen to the ground in the center of Star Court Mall.

    3. Where are all the remaining "test" patients?

    Character Eleven in the lab.

    4. Will Eleven get her powers back?

    Character Eleven attempting to use her powers.

    5. How did the Russians get ahold of a demogorgon?

    demogorgon, which is a slimy, tall, alien-like creature with no eyes

    6. And honestly, what IS the Upside Down?

    will byer, a kid with a bowl cut, looks up at a concrete wall filled with spider webs and debris

    Do you have any questions you hope the writers answer in Stranger Things Season 4? Let me know in the comments below.