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Creative Ways To Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens This Summer

Ah, outside. Remember outside? Nature Valley™ understands it's important to cut down the screen time this summer and get your kids to experience the great outdoors.

1. Take to the woods and set off on a hike with a fun scavenger hunt along the way.

2. Swap your typical sleepover with a campout in the backyard.

3. Build a creative fort using only things found in nature.

4. Grab some ingredients and make lemonade from scratch. Then set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk!

5. Let your kids' imaginations run wild and have an ice cream sundae–making competition.

6. Create a challenging obstacle course using only sidewalk chalk.

7. Embrace your artistic side and put on an outdoor play for the neighborhood.

After you’ve conquered the backyard, take on a national park with the family! Together with the MapMyHike app, Nature Valley™ is challenging families to get outside and collectively hike one million miles this summer. Why one million? If everyone participating collectively logs at least one million miles in qualifying hikes, Nature Valley™ will donate $250,000 to the National Park Foundation. Sign up for the challenge here!

Illustrations by Daniel Blaushild / © BuzzFeed 2018