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13 Things That Would Totally Get Your Kid Self's Seal Of Approval

Because being a grown-up doesn't mean you have to grow up. Nature Made® Adult Gummy Vitamins now have the USP seal of approval, so you know what's on the label is in the gummy.

Sure, being an adult is tough. But think of it this way: Now you can do things your kid self would've loved to do.

1. Like turning your entire apartment into a blanket fort.

2. Having more than $5 in your pocket on days that aren't your birthday.

3. Being able to drive yourself EVERYWHERE.

4. Just being able to go anywhere without having to ask for permission, really.

5. Your pet is actually your pet.

6. Drink all the soda you want.

7. Going to a theme park not on the holidays.

8. Remember asking "What's for dinner tonight?" and it was never what you wanted? Well...

9. Keeping your adventurous sense of style alive.

10. Ordering things online is basically like a birthday present and holiday gift combined in one package.

11. Bed times? Lol.

12. That top-shelf toy you've been wanting? It's yours.

13. Saying "I can't wait to grow up!" is something you never have to worry about ever again.

You know what else your kid self would totally approve of? Taking gummy vitamins. Even the expert adults agree. That's why Nature Made® Adult Gummies are now certified by USP for purity and potency! This means what's on the label is in the gummy. Learn more about Nature Made's USP certification here.