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What Little Things Do You Do To Stay Healthy?

We asked the BuzzFeed community what little things they do to stay healthy, and now they're our new #goals.

"I meditate for 10 minutes everyday (on the subway, using an app)."


"I use an activity tracker app to check my daily steps. This usually ends up shaming me into walking in place for 15 minutes to get my step count up or making up excuses to walk in circles around the office."


"I dance. I clean and I dance, cook and dance, shower and dance. So, yeah, I'm always playing music. Keeps me happy."


"I get off a stop early going into and out of work and walk the rest of the way. I try to do that two to three times a week. (It's easier to do it on the way home than it is on the way in, because I can never ever get it together in the morning.)"


"I call people that make me laugh."


"I go to therapy. I always did an annual physical check-up and took the doctor's advice to keep myself well, yet I was being stingy with mental health and realized that was where I was actually not feeling very well."


"If I see that my favorite podcasts have put out new episodes with great guests, I won't allow myself to listen to them on public transit. I MUST listen while I'm walking. The walk home from work is about the length of an hour-and-15-minute podcast, so that's nice."


"I find that whenever I join a crop share for vegetables, I am forced to cook healthy food way more than I would if I wasn't in a crop share, since I don't want the vegetables to go to waste."


"I wake up and plank and do jumping jacks! It's better than caffeine."


"Looking at puppy videos. Petting dogs as often as possible. No kidding — nothing reduces stress for me like interactions with dogs."


"I smile and initiate conversations with whoever I am with in the moment with the intention of receiving and learning from them."


"A cup of hot water, ginger, and lemon in the morning."


"Calf raises in the shower."


"Coconut oil as alternative for cooking oil, makeup remover, etc. It's great for so many things!"


"I carry a tiny tupperware of nuts everywhere I go. Also water. And I always pack my own lunch (it's usually veggies)."


"I try to stay conscious of how long I stare at a computer screen. Little breaks to look at anything BUT a computer screen help me avoid that weird feeling when you've stared at a screen so long that you're convinced you've permanently damaged your eyes."


"I drink a whole bunch of water: It'll keep you from having snack cravings, and, if your life is very sweaty like mine, then you're always hydrated."


"I have a daily gratitude practice."


Whether YOUR go-to health habit is puppy videos or jumping jacks, getting the right vitamins is an important part of staying healthy.

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