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Here’s Why Your Next Hair Product Purchase Decision Will Be More Informed

Ever wondered whether this milk will curl your hair? Generation curly natural hair uses Naturalistapp to get real-life feedback on thousands of natural hair products.

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Did you say generation Curly Natural Hair?

You have been to all natural hair events and subscribed to dozens of You Tube channels to ensure you do not miss out the latest tutorial. But you are still looking for the grail products that will make your hair beautifully healthy and curly with little to no effort.

Well, you might then be part of the generation curly hair like some say: curious, curly, modern, and on the go. Guess what? It's not a disease and there is an app for us.

Naturalistapp Home page

Naturalistapp Home page

Why is a NaturalistApp changing the curly natural hair and lifestyle game?

In 2016, there is a mobile app for everything but not for everyone and it comes with no surprise that women of colour concerns are not the top priority of developers and tech thinkers. In recent years, a few web-apps, blog-apps have been developed but only to replicate the content posted on the owner's blog or website.

Enters Naturalistapp. If you have ever juggled between, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, well Naturalistapp is a combination of all with the fun of Snapchat. Thousands of ladies from around the world have joined this app for the curly natural hair generation. The Golden Rule to join Naturalistapp is to be nice, friendly, share tips as you receive some from the community.

The app differentiates from anything else as it relies on users to generate content whether it be a video, text tips, photos, feedback, or hair challenge rules. Naturalistapp is a genuine social media platform with functionalities developed for its audience: women of color interested in curly natural hair and healthy lifestyle tips. One feature picked our attention: the products recorder. You can record products you use, rate them and advise others on your own experience. You do not need to be a blogger to do so, just to have a say on what you experienced. So, next time you go shopping for hair products, you will also have dozens off genuine reviews on how that graal product can work for you.

Naturalistapp was born from the tech diversity. Founders have engineering and black culture background. What are you waiting to get it then? Find out more here:

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