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14 Dogs Who Are Having A Bad Hair Day

Luscious locks for all dogkind. Long live the long HAIR! Oh, hungry for something other than a hairball??? Natural Balance Pet Treats can help with that.

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2. Lore is never putting her trust in store-brand mousse EVER again.

Don't worry Lore, you'll learn one day.

8. Fritz can't handle the humidity in Tampa.

One time Fritz borrowed his sister's straightener. What happened next will never be discussed again.

10. Francis loathes static electricity.

Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender / Digital Vision / Getty Images

However, the accidental fauxhawk is really starting to grow on Francis. In fact, it's actually helped him reel in a couple ladies. ;)

12. Katrina just found a chew toy in her armpit.

Steve Shott / Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

It's been missing for weeks. Katrina would be more ashamed — however, this isn't the first time she's found a foreign object in her fur.

Gift your pup a nice lil treat, even if they're having a good hair day. Natural Balance Pet Treats is where it's at.