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14 Dogs Who Are Having A Bad Hair Day

Luscious locks for all dogkind. Long live the long HAIR! Oh, hungry for something other than a hairball??? Natural Balance Pet Treats can help with that.

1. Toby can't be bothered with a brush.

2. Lore is never putting her trust in store-brand mousse EVER again.

3. Denise has been procrastinating on getting her bangs trimmed.

4. Michael still has bedhead even though it's 3 p.m.

5. Aimee was attempting to go au naturel.

6. Sue doesn't care that her blowout was a tad too aggressive.

7. Ashley was just trying to channel her inner Ke$ha.

8. Fritz can't handle the humidity in Tampa.

9. Maurice really lets himself go, like a leaf in the wind.

10. Francis loathes static electricity.

11. Chelsea is too tired to care about bang control.

12. Katrina just found a chew toy in her armpit.

13. Darryl will have you know that dreads are still in style.

14. Stuart has no words.

Gift your pup a nice lil treat, even if they're having a good hair day. Natural Balance Pet Treats is where it's at.