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12 Things Your Dog Eats When You Leave For Work

They were only snacking on your household items because they missed you SO MUCH. Next time you depart the house, leave them with some healthier snacking options, like Natural Balance Pet Treats.

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1. The outstanding light and low-cal puppy bed that was a birthday gift from Aunt Denise.

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2. The last few sheets of those sweet and savory paper towels you needed to wipe up the spill in the kitchen.

3. The brand-new mouthwatering magazine you hadn't read yet.

Gandee Vasan / Stone / Getty Images

4. The scrumptious vintage couch that was passed along to you from your great-grandparents.

5. The delectable DVDs you were about to return.

6. The heavenly dirt from your potted plants after you just mopped the floors.

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7. The piquant pom-poms that Shelly needed for her cheerleading competition on Thursday.

8. The crunchtastic credit card you needed to fill your gas tank in the morning.

9. The tart and tender lounge chair you just listed on eBay.

Steve Cicero / Photolibrary / Getty Images

10. The roasted and braised tug-of-war toy that was his favorite, not yours.

11. The gluten-free manuscript for Uncle Alan's crime novel you promised him you'd read.

by Kid Cowboy / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via

12. The ginger-infused teddy bear you've had since childhood.

Really ANYTHING goes.

Perhaps you should consider bringing them to work next time, or simply give them something a little more nutritious than your couch to chew on, like Natural Balance Pet Treats.