25 Stunning Off-The-Rack Wedding Dresses

Bridal salons can be the worst. Save yourself the pain by buying something amazing — and in all likelihood, much cheaper — at other non-wedding stores.

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Of all of the daunting tasks that go into planning a wedding dress shopping may be the scariest of all. You're up against pounds of unattractively poufy silk, snobby sales people, and price tags that can equal up to 6 months rent. It's no wonder wedding dress shopping has been the subject of so many reality shows. But where in the wedding rule book does it say that The Gown must come from a stale showroom and look just like a version of every bride you've ever seen? Answer: Nowhere. Oh, and there is no "wedding rule book" either.

Now more than ever you can find plenty of gorgeous gowns that may not have been born with the purpose of standing at the alter, but are absolutely up to the task. White is one of this year's biggest fashion trends, so why not capitalize on the surge of color-free classics on the market right now, and choose something for your wedding day that you actually want to wear? And might wear more than just once?

Here are a few outstanding and stylish off-the-rack options.