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What Pisses Me Off When It Comes To Transgenders

Am I Alone In This? I don’t know why this pisses me off so much. I don’t have any immediate friends that are transgender, no one in my family (that I’m aware of) is transgender or considering transitioning, but for whatever reason it does. Truth is, I don’t have to explain my feelings. This is not a request for validation.

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I find it quite interesting that the same people who are crying about being "disrespected as a woman" and being offended is, in turn, not respecting Caitlyn, or the entire transgender community for that matter. When did it become okay to publicly comment on someone's genitalia?

Is that in itself not "ridiculous" and offensive" and ultimately, disrespectful?

I am all about expressing yourself, being true to yourself, and all that goodness, but why the need to talk about people's genitalia who you're not even considering fucking? Why are you so curious? Why is that everyone's "go to" when discussing Caitlyn or any transperson for that matter?

Disagreeing with the decision, whatever, that's fine, that's America, but not respecting another human being? Not okay.

And just in case your rebuttal is, "It's not a WOMAN! It's a thing, not a HUMAN BEING!" I googled the definition for you.

So as I was saying...

Why is it so difficult for people to respect other human beings?

If someone separates from their spouse because they were abusive and decides that, socially, they are going to change their last name, would you continue to call them by their married name just because you don't believe in divorce? Or because legally their last name never changed?


If a person changes their last name because their parents tell them that they will never truly be their child because of who they choose to love, would you still call them by their birth name? Even after you've been told otherwise?

Are You Starting To See How Ridiculous You Look?

I'm trying to help you out here.

"...but I don't believe/approve of the transgender lifestyle... it's against my religion."


Religion has nothing to do with someone's name or pronoun. It has to do with respecting another human being. Just because you are against divorce, are you going to continue to call someone by a name other than the name to which they respond?

NO, in fact:


Why is it so difficult for one to respect, not understand, not agree, not approve, but just respect that another human being no longer responds to a name because of the emotional weight that it represents in their past? That's what "he" is to a transgender woman. That's what "she" is to a transgender man. That is what "he" or "she" is to someone who prefers "they." That's what "Mary" is to "Michael."

It's not how you identify them, it's how they identify themselves.

And, "no," it's not your job to know what someone wants to be called, but use your eyes and be considerate. I mean… most of you pause when deciding to refer to a person as "black" versus "African American," or "white" versus "Caucasian." If you are still uncertain there are many respectful ways to get the answers that you need, but please... / Via

And to be completely transparent (see what I did there), I don't know all the complexities and the "dos and don'ts" within the trans community. I don't usually research because it doesn't affect me day-to-day. All I know is that human beings are to be treated with respect. Period.

And please don't go head-to-head with me about what the bible says. Trust me, you'll win. I haven't been to church in three Sundays and I know I'll probably get a phone call from my mother for this confession alone.

Just To Clarify

I'm not an activist, extremist, or an advocate of any kind. I don't know if I'll ever write another article like this. I probably would have thought this article was a passing thought if this topic had not been on my mind for three days. The closest I've ever been to a Gay Pride march was stumbling through Hell's Kitchen bar hopping with a group of well dressed bottoms who actually gave me amazing sex tips for my love life. Funny how that works. A group of homosexual men helped me to better my heterosexual marriage, and all this time I thought they were going to ruin the entire institution... interesting.

Here is the thing; few people hate, but hate is so strong and loud. Love is peaceful and often times silent. If you love this article or you know someone who needs to read it, then share.

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