The ABCs Of Life In New York City

    Based on NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.

    Life in New York City from A to Z: These pages are taken from my ongoing project, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette. Numbered pages are in the printed book. Animated e-book also available through iTunes.

    A - Apartment Hunting

    B - Bodega

    C - Crosstown Travel

    D - Directions

    E - Elevator Team Captain

    F - Fancypants Restaurants

    G - Garbage Scent Death Zone

    H - Handbags

    I - Ideal Walking Formation

    J - "Just Wait a Second!"

    K - Kissing in Public

    L - Lady Liberty

    M - Metrocard (Swipe carefully!)

    N - Nebulous Queue Situation

    O - Obnoxious Loud Talkers

    P - Parade Routes (also Protests)

    Q - Quiet Brunch (vs. Loud Brunch)

    R - Radiators

    S - Stay Out of the Way

    T - Train Cars (That Are Empty)

    U - Unnecessary Physical Contact

    V - Villages (West and East)

    W - Walking (Beyond Midtown!)

    X - Express Lane

    Y - Yoga (on a Crowded Train)

    Z - Zone of Safety

    All images courtesy NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.