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11 Things That Happened When I Started Trying To Eat Healthy

Big thanks to peanut butter.

1. A few years ago I noticed that though my food habits hadn't changed, suddenly I no longer felt the same

2. So I decided to try to make some healthy changes. At first the change was very...slight.

3. I was taking small steps in the right direction, but old habits die hard.

4. I was trying to continue to eat all the foods I liked but tried to eat less of them.

5. This often did not work for me because it required extreme self-control.

6. Then I realized I was overthinking my approach.

7. What I needed to do was simply think about which foods I like and which foods I love.

8. For me, the food I love is peanut butter.

9. While focusing on the food I love, I've been able to replace the foods I merely like.

10. The more I do this, the more I have seen my habits change.

11. And I owe it all to peanut butter.