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13 Must See Football Fails That Will Get You Stoked For The Season

Nothing says football season like some football fails. These 13 GIFs were made for you.

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1. existential crisis can hit anytime, anywhere

the fear was real

2. "Stand down fam, this one is all m-"


3. It was at this moment he knew he made a mistake

Sparta kick

4. Camera man with the slick reversal!

he wasn't taking anyone's crap that day

5. "Guys, I think I'm gonna go cup-less this season"

those curve balls get ya

6. "Time out, I need some water... SIKE"

the entire team played themselves

7. y tho


8. I threw it on the GROUND

s/o to the lonely island

9. When you're so badass it hurts

he was flexin hard too

10. Oh heavens me!

he had to cover up

11. Savage zoom game

someone hire that camera man

12. I was thinking about the upcoming family beach trip when

snap back to reality


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