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10 Bad*ss Fails That Will Make You Feel Way Better About Yourself

Feel 100% better about yourself and the future of the human race. Who knew being badass was so hard.

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1. thank god he didn't ruin his bear hat

he hated that drop ceiling anyway

2. that was his special move in role playing camp

nailed it

3. "here comes Cindy, gotta go for the new trick shot"


4. he really blew himself away

don't shoot at forest fires idiot

5. she's so smoo... oh

MJ would still be proud

6. "you'll shoot your earmuffs off, kid"

the spin is everything

7. dude in the back cannot believe this fail

inches away from badass

8. doctor recommended to ensure spinal damage

impressive recovery tho

9. That extra hang time is gonna cost ya, son

make him pay

10. he went from hero to zero real fast

should've practiced that more

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