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10 People In Love With Inanimate Objects

Love may be a many-splendored thing, but that doesn't stop it from being downright weird sometimes. For even more strange stories of remarkably outlandish relationships, and check out the new season of "Taboo," which looks closer at things that we look away from, Sundays at 10PM on the National Geographic Channel.

1. He Married A Pillow

2. She Married A Roller Coaster

3. She Fell In Love With The Statue Of Liberty

4. And This Guy Married A Cut-Out Of Himself

5. She Married The Eiffel Tower

6. And He Wed His Video Game Girlfriend

7. He Has A Thing For Cars

8. She’s In Love With A Marble Statue

9. He Longs For A Steam Locomotive

10. And He Married A Barbie Doll