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Which 32 Mustang Roommate Are You?

Are you Leah, Natalie, Elaina or Erica?

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  1. What does your room look like?

  2. Your roommate's mom is coming for the weekend. What do you do?

    Um I've already been swiffering for DAYS this place looks immaculate
    I'm going to get up early before she comes and make sure everything is nice a tidy. Don't want the moms to think we're slobs
    I fully plan to clean but I might get super busy and run out of time. But don't worry I've already hidden the quote wall.
    Meh, its a college apartment.
  3. It's your turn to cook family dinner! What's on the menu?

    I have a fantastic pasta dish to make! Get ready to have your tummies stuffed.
    I found this new vegan, non gmo, kosher, organic quinoa dish I'm going to make!
    Everything is coming from a box- I think I can handle this.
    Um does anyone want to trade chores? If not, I think I have pasta in my pantry.
  4. It's Friday night, what are you up to?

    ITS FRIDAY NIGHT *plays random foreign video on youtube*
    I have ton's of plans with all my different groups of friends idk yet
    I'm down to do whatever! Let's go out!
    Grocery shopping, youtube, and netflix, maybe a little homework- I live a very exciting life.
  5. What are you eating habits like?

    I'm on a all organic rabbit food diet.
    I'll eat whatever is in my cabinet and is easy. I try to be healthy but cookie butter is also a food group for me.
    If its bread or came out of a crock pot I'll eat it
    Something along the lines of a 5th grade birthday party
  6. What are your hobbies?

    Looking at memes and watching netflix
    Being active on my polygamy Facebook groups
    Crying over some social justice/environmental issues and sharing political things on Facebook. Also running
    Hey guys have you registered for dance marathon?

Which 32 Mustang Roommate Are You?

You got: Elaina

You are queen of the apartment and on your way to being the alpha wife of the neighborhood. You keep the apartment from falling apart. Bless your soul and take a swiffer victory lap.

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You got: Leah

You fill the apartment with happiness/sunshine just by being there! You likely have a shrine for Priyanka Chopra in your room. You may be thinking "AH I HATE MY LIFE" just cause, but treat yourself to some sweet potato fries and pirouettes- you'll make it.

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You got: Natalie

Nat Beal, Nattles or Paddles. You'll respond to all. You have to will of a salmon swimming upstream. You can stick to even the most intense diet and study for an O Chem quiz for 33 hours straight. You have the class and style of a senator's wife, but still enjoy a lunar moon phase here and there. You inspire everyone with your compassion and kindness, and truly do make the world a better place!

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You got: Erica

You have never been seen in full length shirt. What you lack in cooking skills you make up for in shopping abilities . You are the meme queen and can Netflix the shit out of any show. Go binge watch away.

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