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    The Full "West Side Story" Trailer Has Been Released, And People Are Noticing How Little Ansel Elgort Is In It


    Something's Coming: The first full-length trailer for West Side Story has just been released.

    Watch the brand-new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s #WestSideStory. See the film only in theaters December 10.

    Twitter: @Disney

    The Spielberg-directed remake stars Rachel Zegler as Maria and Ansel Elgort (more on him later) as Tony. It'll hit theaters on Dec. 10, a year after it was originally due to be released.

    Maria surrounded by a group of people dancing

    The trailer opens with Maria singing "Tonight" and sounding gorge, before we get a bit of whistling.

    We also see Rachel donning the iconic white Maria dress.

    Maria looking at herself in a mirror

    And we get some glimpses of Ansel as Tony — especially in the dance scene. He says about three words in the trailer.

    Overall, the trailer looks highly ~ dramatic ~, with plenty of quick flashes of more to come.

    A group of women in what looks like a department store

    Some were excited:

    The West Side Story trailers are holding back the musical numbers like the original jurassic park trailers did with the dinosaurs and the anticipation is killing me

    Twitter: @patrickhwillems

    Especially over Rachel's role:

    i’m thinking oscar award winner rachel zegler for west side story

    Twitter: @bwaydarlene

    me after hearing rachel zegler's angelic voice at the beginning of the #WestSideStory trailer:

    Twitter: @starkovswanda

    ariana debose and rachel zegler serving in west side story

    Twitter: @zeglorde

    However, some noticed how little Ansel appeared in the trailer.

    Last year, a Twitter user claimed that Ansel sexually assaulted her in 2014, when she was 17.

    Ansel's character standing next to Maria and another woman at a dance

    So, fans think the allegations may have something to do with his lack of appearance in the trailer.

    #WestSideStory editors whenever Ansel showed up while they were editing the trailer

    Twitter: @kreidy_b

    Ridley Scott reshot All The Money in the World with Christopher Plummer after finding out about Kevin Spacey, I don’t understand why they couldn’t delay #WestSideStory & reshoot it with someone other than Ansel Elgort. It’s just so weird seeing a predator as the romantic lead

    Twitter: @lewisjwr

    There’s still time to replace Ansel Elgort with Tig Notaro.

    Twitter: @marcbernardin

    What did you think of the trailer? LMK in the comments!