No Offense, But The Clothes On "Selling Sunset" Season 6 Are Unhinged

    Nothing says "business attire" like a bikini in the office.

    It has come to my attention that the outfits on Selling Sunset Season 6 are delightfully bananas.

    you think you know what clothes look like. and then you watch selling sunset.

    — kristin (@jkac) May 21, 2023

    If you're out of the loop, Selling Sunset follows real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group in California. In theory, they are there to work in an office and sell houses.

    The cast of real estate agents standing for a promo photo

    Now, I go into this exploration with no judgment. It has been some years since I have worked in an office. Most of the time, I sit at my laptop looking as if I have been roused from the dead. If anything, I could stand to be a little more dressy!

    Selling Sunset agents turning up to a broker’s open house at 2pm

    — Van der What (@VanDerWhat) May 21, 2023
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    Let's get one thing out of the way: Visible bras under blazers are very much the Selling Sunset office vibe. Exhibit A: Amanza.

    But why stop there? For visiting a client's house in the middle of the day, Mary opted for this sequined ensemble:

    Shoutout to Chelsea in this scene, with short shorts and heels that could kill a man:

    Meanwhile, "What are the men wearing to the office?" I hear you ask. Good question: Let's take a moment to contrast the vibes:

    Anyway, back to it. Two separate women wear gloves to the office one day:

    There's nothing like asking your coworker, "Are they straight? Can you see underboob?" and then accepting a client call:

    The weird thing is, the more I watch this show, the more I'm like, "You know what, why not wear a leather ensemble with cut-outs to the office in the middle of the day? Life is short! Social decorum is a construct! Burn things!"

    Honestly, Chelsea deserves a post of her own for wearing a Diesel skirt that she can't even sit in to get coffee. Fun fact: This skirt/belt hybrid cost $875.

    Chelsea confirmed on TikTok that the cast don't get a wardrobe or glam budget, meaning that these looks come out of the cast's own pocket. "This is reality TV. You come as you please. On Selling Sunset, we definitely turn up for y'all," she said.

    Honestly, what a time to be alive.