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    21 Ridiculous "Desperate Housewives" Moments I Can't Believe Actually Happened

    A lot happened on one street.

    1. First, when Susan was worried that Mike was hooking up with Edie, so she snuck into Edie's house and then accidentally burned it down.

    2. When Katherine's daughter died as a child, so she found a lookalike to adopt from a Romanian orphanage.

    3. When Victor got impaled by a white picket fence during a fight with Carlos — which was also during a tornado.

    4. When Bree's pharmacist, George, was so obsessed with her that he had a life-sized doll made to look like her.

    5. When Felicia Gone Girl-ed Paul and framed him for her murder.

    6. When Lynette catfished her own son.

    7. When Mrs. McCluskey kept her dead husband in a freezer for 10 years.

    8. When Bree accidentally set Katherine up with a felon.

    9. When Carlos had an affair with his and Gaby's surrogate...

    10. ...and then it was revealed that Gaby and Carlos's surrogate had been impregnated with the wrong embryo.

    11. When Susan tried to record Edie confessing to burning down her house, but then a swarm of bees broke up the fight.

    12. When Bree pretended to be pregnant to cover for Danielle.

    13. When Susan ended her engagement to Ian because he'd bet their relationship in a game of poker with Mike.

    14. When a small plane crashed into Santa's workshop and killed Karl.

    15. When Angie literally bombed her ex-boyfriend.

    16. When Orson hit Mike with a car and he was in a coma for six months...

    17. ...and then when Orson started sleepwalking naked out of guilt.

    18. When Gaby was worried about Sister Mary's involvement in her marriage, so she pushed the nun into a bunch of candles.

    19. When Bree went to the hospital after boinking Orson.

    20. When Carlos beat up the wrong guy for having an affair with Gaby and then pretended he'd committed a hate crime.

    21. Finally, when Edie escaped from her husband Dave, swerved her car to avoid Orson, crashed into an electric post, got electrocuted, and straight-up died.

    Did I miss any completely wild Desperate Housewives moments? LMK in the comments!