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    13 Low-Budget Tips That Transformed My Rental Apartment Into My Dream Home

    Not pictured: Many, many hours of YouTube inspo videos.

    Last August, I moved into my first apartment without roommates. As well as the ability to walk around nude, this meant that I finally had free rein over how everything looked — within the confines of the fact that I was renting and my budget (which was mainly going on rent).

    So, here are my fave tips that I've picked up to make this place feel like home.

    Note: I'm using photos from my apartment here, which are meant to serve as a demonstration for each point. If you don't like it, that's cool! 

    1. Create a fun gallery wall. You can even save money by thrifting frames and getting downloadable art that you can print yourself.

    A wall with several framed photos.

    2. Experiment with peel-and-stick tiles and contact paper.

    Peel-and-stick tiles over a stove.

    3. Consider getting wall decals if you can't paint.

    Wall decals over a bed.

    4. Or look into wall hangings for the ultimate easy wall decor.

    A before and after picture of a bathroom with and without decor.

    5. That being said, if you can paint a wall — consider painting a wall!

    6. Or paint small accents based on existing details in your apartment.

    A painted doorway.

    7. Look into creative open storage solutions, especially if your place is small.

    8. Change out the existing hardware for something a little more jazzy.

    A dresser of drawers from Ikea.

    9. Use rugs to create texture and color.

    10. Experiment with lighting, from small ambient lamps to changing out the nipple-light that landlords seem to love.

    11. Add or change out your curtains, hanging them high to make your ceilings look higher.

    Before and after pic of a window with different curtains.

    12. Use real, faux, and dried plants to liven up the place.

    13. Finally, create a mood board for any big projects.

    A mood board on a computer.

    What renter and budget apartment tips do you swear by? LMK in the comments!