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    Pedro Pascal Shared A Super Sweet Message After His Sister Came Out As Transgender

    "Mi corazón."

    You know Pedro Pascal: Mandalorian star, Game of Thrones icon, all-round hottie.

    Yesterday, Pedro posted a message of support for his sister, Lux, after she came out as transgender.

    Pedro wearing a floral print shirt at an event

    Pedro shared a photo of Lux on the cover of Ya magazine, where she talks about coming out, with the caption, "Mi hermana, mi corazón, nuestra Lux" — which translates to "My sister, my heart, our Lux."

    In the article itself, Lux says that Pedro “has been an important part of this. He's also an artist and has served as a guide for me. He was one of the first people to gift me the tools that started shaping my identity."

    @revengalorian TRANS RIGHTS!!! #ForeverandAlways

    "Perfect, this is incredible," Lux remembered Pascal telling her, after asking her how she was feeling.

    And, if Twitter is anything to go by, people were very into his support:

    pedro pascal saying "my sister, my heart" in response to his sister coming out as a trans woman...i did not need to cry this early 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @itskristofer

    @TheFilmUpdates My goodness. Pedro Pascal is a beautiful human. Just when I think I can’t like him any more, then there’s this. Beautiful.

    Twitter: @mrcesarfaison

    Pedro Pascal sweetly supporting his sister Lux, who comes out today as a trans woman. Can't emphasize enough how huge this is for the Latin audience, who is still so intolerant of the trans community. Gracias Pedro, mucho amor y suerte para Lux ♥️

    Twitter: @_alerussian_

    All the best to Lux and Pedro!!!