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18 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up The 2021 Oscars

Oscan't believe the show was over three hours.

Happy Oscars, bb! With Daniel Kaluuya thanking his parents for having sex, Glenn Close shaking her ass, and Youn Yuh-jung giving the speech of a lifetime...well, there was a lot to react to.

My new fave duo.

Of course, it wouldn't be a live event without some quality Twitter reactions. Here are just some of the funniest tweets from the night:


using your Oscar win to embarrass your family...... king shit

Twitter: @been_herde


The theme of tonight’s Oscars is that directors can be hot

Twitter: @kylebuchanan


Twitter: @pia_dmn


How do you win an Oscar for a film titled ‘My Octopus Teacher’ and not have the decency to thank the octopus? #Oscars

Twitter: @CMPunk


Congratulations to @Travon—former Daily Show writer and NOW OSCAR WINNER!!! Also you still have some yogurt in the fridge

Twitter: @TheDailyShow


I wish us all a very “Riz Ahmed Fixing Our Hair for the Perfect Pic” kinda love

Twitter: @manna_sidhu


I love that the headline of me being at the Oscars is "confusing".

Twitter: @mishacollins


"oscar attendees will not wear face masks during telecast" frances mcdormand:

Twitter: @cousinmilla


bong joon-ho won the biggest awards at the oscars and then got up on stage and called everyone who refused to read subtitles an idiot lol a motherfucking king

Twitter: @SheaSerrano


Twitter: @sreekyshooter


Yuh-Jung Youn shooting her shot with Brad Pitt. Go for broke.

Twitter: @SeanFennessey


finally tyler perry gets his oscar for gone girl

Twitter: @hunteryharris


Harrison Ford backstage sharing a joint with the octopus

Twitter: @JamesUrbaniak


riz ahmed already has a best picture

Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


The plan? Campaign a fake Pinocchio movie in the hopes of getting an Oscar nomination.

Twitter: @TheSpencerPerry


my octopus teacher: the incredible true story of a man wasting an octopus’s time

Twitter: @chrisfluming


I did not have Glenn close doing da butt on my Oscar bingo card but here we are.

Twitter: @rgay


Frances McDormand is like, YES I’M WEIRD AND WHAT ABOUT IT?

Twitter: @IssaRae

Did you watch the Oscars this year? LMK what you thought in the comments!

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