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    Millennials Are Obsessed With Olivia Rodrigo's "Sour," Even Though It Makes Them Feel A Bit Old

    *Me, screaming alone in my apartment*: "I'M SO SICK OF 17."

    If you're an adult who's already got their driver's license and graduated high school many moons ago, you may find yourself feeling...well, some kind of way when listening to Olivia Rodrigo's debut album, Sour.

    However, you are not alone!!! Here are just some of the best Sour reactions from folks definitely not in their teens:


    me, an old, listening to olivia rodrigo write and sing her goddamn heart out

    Twitter: @annetdonahue


    Millennials listening to Olivia Rodrigo today

    Twitter: @benyahr


    olivia rodrigo’s album makes me wanna teleport back to high school because every word is EXACTLY how i felt as a teenager... i’m just gonna listen and pretend i am 16 and a boy just broke my heart

    Twitter: @oliviagobrien


    “If Olivia Rodrigo was around when I was in high school...” She was around when you were in high school! She was a baby. You just didn’t care enough to get to know her.

    Twitter: @iamRichieOwens


    “I wish sour came out when I was in high school” do you? when ryan murphy could get his hands on it for glee?

    Twitter: @caitlinhberg


    millennials before and after listening to olivia rodrigo's album

    Twitter: @gabebergado


    twenty-somethings listening to olivia rodrigo

    Twitter: @edieocre
    George Costanza from Seinfeld saying, "I feel like my old self again. Totally inadequate, insecure, paranoid, neurotic..."
    George Costanza saying "It's a pleasure"


    if this olivia rodrigo album came out when I was in high school I would have been escorted out of IB English in fucking handcuffs

    Twitter: @aprilkquioh


    In shock&awe of the way ppl my age are talking about olivia rodrigo’s music... “omg I feel like I’m back in high school crying over a skater who works at subway and has never looked me in the eye” .... miss girl you were doing that last week at brunch...

    Twitter: @glamdemon2004


    unfortunately in high school i would have been very vocal with my all-dude friend group about how i didn't like olivia rodrigo in hopes of seeming more fuckable & then i would have gone home & cried while listening to olivia rodrigo on repeat

    Twitter: @oliviagatwood


    Olivia Rodrigo made me realize I’m actually a high school girl who caught my boyfriend cheating on me

    Twitter: @brodinplett


    Me seeing all your “wish I had Olivia Rodrigo’s music in high school” tweets

    Twitter: @JoseMLuna


    Geriatric millennials for Olivia Rodrigo

    Twitter: @samsanders


    Millennials listening to Olivia Rodrigo

    Twitter: @ezwrites


    Twitter: @nocontxtSC


    If olivia rodrigo was releasing music like this when I was in high school, I would be like, "huh, what a weird 7 year old"

    Twitter: @BrotiGupta


    How it feels listening to Olivia Rodrigo at age 25

    Twitter: @maggiecomplains


    25+ gays pushing 16 year old girls out the way to get closer to Olivia Rodrigo at her tour

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    Twitter: @Rocioceja_


    people in their twenties listening to olivia rodrigo:

    Twitter: @musicboardwild


    It's a blessing Olivia Rodrigo was not a thing during my college acappella days. We would have been so unhinged

    Twitter: @shania_twink


    don’t know who olivia rodrigo is im 27 im still listening to Electric Feel by MGMT

    Twitter: @pienar

    What do you think of Sour? LMK in the comments!