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    Mindy Kaling Asked People To "Normalize Unmarried Women Wearing Rings" After Recent Engagement Rumors

    I'm fine.

    In case you missed it, Mindy Kaling caused, well, quite a hubbub when she was spotted wearing a ring on *that* finger earlier this week.

    Mindy walking outside and holding her purse with her left hand
    Ngre / BACKGRID

    Naturally, the internet was full of a *ton* of speculation as to whether this meant Mindy got married.

    Ngre / BACKGRID

    However, if you were one of these people, then I'm afraid I have some news.

    @hulu / Via

    Yup, Mindy took to Twitter to respond to all the rumors and...

    Normalize unmarried women wearing rings on their ring finger without a hubbub

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    ...yeah, it looks like Mindy was very much just wearing a ring that she liked.

    Normalize unmarried women wearing rings on their ring finger without a hubbub
    Twitter / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

    In fact, plenty of people took to the replies to say that they did the same thing:

    @mindykaling I bought a pizza ring at the Brooklyn Museum gift shop and it fits best on that finger. I figured it was because the longest and most satisfying relationship I’ve had is with pizza.

    Twitter: @Aloe9678

    @mindykaling I wear a silver moon ring on that finger and this guy at the bar told me if I’m not married I shouldn’t wear it so guys will buy me free drinks... I can buy my own drink and if you’re too stupid to notice that it’s a moon that’s on you

    Twitter: @briannenash

    @mindykaling ive been wearing a ring on my ring finger since i was like 13 and when i was in high school people in public would ask if im engaged😭😭 like tf im 16

    Twitter: @rickmanings

    S/O to Mindy and her rings, then!

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