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    Miley Cyrus Opened Up About The Value Of Young People Voting, And Her Words Are Super Important

    "I’ve never experienced an election this important before."

    So, Miley Cyrus is no stranger to campaigning for people to vote — heck, she once spent two hours in a college dorm personally doing voter outreach in 2016.

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    Subsequently, it tracks that when she recently spoke to the Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa about the significance of voting in the upcoming election, her words were super important.

    "I’m 27, I know I’ve never experienced an election this important before — and I'm not sure I ever will again," she began.

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    "I hope that the stakes won't be like this again in my lifetime."

    "I can’t express the importance enough of young people getting out there, being active, and making sure that their friends and family are voting. That they have their information about mailing in, about the state of our country right now, the hate, the pain."

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    "It’s crucial that we get out there and make changes — and have someone fit for the job running our country."

    "I think young people are really stepping up to the plate, taking charge, and getting mobilized," she continued. "It's rock bottom here right now, it’s a desperate time — and that’s when people really step up."

    For more information and resources on voting, check out And Still I Vote.

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