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    11 Helpful Tips For Making Friends As An Adult

    Me: seeking five people to have coffee with in Central Perk.

    Hi! I'm Natasha, and two years ago I moved from the UK to New York City.

    One of the downsides of moving to a totally new place is having a friend count of zero. So, here are a couple of tips I picked up for making new friends as an adult human being:

    1. First, join online communities.

    2. Use apps.

    3. Lean into your hobbies...

    4. ...or take a class and find a new hobby.

    5. Organize your own group.

    6. Join a sports team.

    7. Join a book club.

    8. Volunteer in your community.

    9. Go places solo and meet people there.

    10. Reach out to people within your existing network.

    11. Finally, it's a cliché, but be yourself!