27 Wild "Love Is Blind" Season 4 Behind-The-Scenes Facts, Straight From The Cast Themselves

    "You don't actually walk through those doors and think, Oh, yeah, I'm here. I'm gonna get married."

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    Warning: MAJOR Love Is Blind spoilers for the entirety of Season 4.

    It's over. We did it. Love Is Blind Season 4 is all out, and it's probably the most chaotic season we've seen thus far.

    So, BuzzFeed (virtually) sat down with the cast before the show debuted (and before they'd had a chance to see it) to find out exactly what happened behind the scenes:

    Note: Bliss and Josh were not present for the interviews.

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    1. This season was filmed in the spring of 2022.

    2. Kwame had friends reach out after he was announced as a cast member to ask if the show was scripted.

    3. Tiffany said that she fell asleep on her date with Brett after "talking for hours" and having some tequila.

    4. Irina said that the awkward cupcakes moment with Bliss in their living quarters was "funny."

    5. When asked about the moment where Irina and Micah listened in on Amber talking about her breakup from Paul, Micah said that how she gets "through things" is by "being funny."

    6. Jackie said that she wanted Zack a few feet away from her because of an incident that involved his singing.

    7. Micah doesn't have "any regrets" about her relationship with Kwame but said that she hopes that nothing she did "causes any issues" with him and Chelsea.

    8. And Chelsea said that she "really respected" that Kwame "wanted to be sure" about their relationship when asked about how she viewed his interactions with Micah in hindsight.

    9. When asked about his conversations with Micah in Mexico and on Chelsea's birthday, Kwame echoed that he "would not have done anything differently."

    10. Irina knew that things wouldn't work out with Zack when she saw him after the pods.

    11. And Zack knew their relationship was over on the second day of their trip to Mexico.

    12. Nothing happened between Paul and Irina.

    13. Irina said that Micah is "one of her best friends" and that they hang out "almost every day."

    14. When it came to Shelby, Micah said that she is her "rock" and has a "motherly instinct."

    15. When asked about the moment she decided to end things with Marshall and pursue things with Josh, Jackie said that she didn't feel "comfortable" or "happy" with the former.

    16. For Jackie, Love Is Blind is "always going to be a part of" her story with Josh.

    17. And Marshall said that "Josh and Jackie are perfect for each other."

    18. Marshall never got the ring back from Jackie.

    19. Chelsea said that she would have moved to Portland, but it "made sense" for her and Kwame to be in Seattle.

    20. And she and Kwame had discussions about their love life off camera.

    21. Kwame has grown to "love" Seattle.

    22. Paul said that he "definitely wasn't resolute" that things weren't going to work out between him and Micah — and that he made his decision at the altar.

    23. Tiffany said that she and Brett "didn't have many challenges" once the cameras left.

    24. And Tiffany found it challenging having to be "strategic" about where she went with Brett so they could keep their relationship under wraps after filming.

    25. Brett said that Tiffany actually moved to Portland with him after the show.

    26. Zack said things with Bliss are "going great."

    27. Micah said that she's "definitely single" but things with Paul are still "TBD."

    Thanks for talking to us, everyone! Love Is Blind Season 4 is now available on Netflix.

    Note: Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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