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    Here's A Tiny Detail You Might Have Missed In The "Friends" Reunion That Showed How Close The Cast Was

    "That's who we were!"

    If you've watched the Friends reunion, then it's likely some ol' tears might have been shed. Of course, some of those tears weren't just from my howling like I'd just been dumped before prom — the cast got pretty emotional too!

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    Speaking to E!, Lisa Kurdrow shared her fave moment in filming the reunion that you likely missed — and it involves some tears.


    "Courteney comes in and burst into tears — Schwimmer pointed this out when we were watching this Thursday night," Lisa explained.

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    So there was a Friends reunion...while watching the Friends reunion?

    Lisa then grabbed the tissues as Matt reminded Courteney about how she used to hide little bits of the script around the set. "LeBlanc takes [the tissues] because he is telling us a story and doesn't want to skip a beat," Lisa continued, "and starts dabbing her eyes, just on automatic."

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    Does this remind anyone else of the scene where Rachel is crying in Monica's bathroom on her wedding day and Phoebe has to find her tissues...or have I just seen Friends one too many times?

    "That's who we were!" Lisa added.

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    Side note: Hi Jen!

    This moment is extra sweet because Jennifer Aniston previously noted that Courteney typically isn't the emotional one. Speaking about the reunion, she said, "Even Courteney we got tears out of! And I don't even know — she's so, you know, not emotional."

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    Now, if Matt LeBlanc could come over to wipe my tears away...