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    Here's How The Internet Reacted To Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Reportedly Grabbing Pizza In Staten Island

    Not Pete Davidson's native Staten Island!!!

    Hello, and welcome to the most important news of the day: Yes, what's going on between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

    If you need a quick refresher: This weekend, pics of Kim and Pete holding hands at Knott's Scary Farm hit the internet. Then, Page Six reported that Kim had arrived in "Pete Davidson's native NYC." What a time to be alive!

    Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Hold Hands at Knott's Scary Farm: They're 'Just Friends,' Source Says

    Twitter: @people / Via

    But Kim arriving in NYC could mean anything, right? Hell, I even live in New York! Well, let me tell you, the plot sure did thicken when reports emerged that Kim and Pete had a private dinner in STATEN ISLAND.

    Yes, the very same Staten Island that Pete Davidson is from! A place that (no offense Staten Islanders) is a bit of a random trek if you're staying in Manhattan! And at one of Pete's apparent fave pizza places to boot!!!

    The promo poster for Pete's film The King of Staten Island

    Naturally, Twitter had a field day:

    Not right now baby, mommy is trying to see what Kim K and Pete Davidson are doing on Staten Island

    Twitter: @ysabelrmorales

    I honestly didn’t believe the Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian dating rumor until I just read she went to Staten Island. Even I know you don’t go there to just see a friend 😂

    Twitter: @fortunefunny

    I think pete davidson is attractive of course but wtf is going on there, truly, that made kim kardashian of all people go to staten island? I would never go to staten island for a man! I would barely go above 14th street for a man!

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt
    Twitter: @kellykeegs

    My brain is glitching thinking about Kim Kardashian at a little restaurant in Staten Island

    Twitter: @emilyjune_

    Exclusive clip from the new Hulu show: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson going to dinner in Staten Island tonight

    Twitter: @aneesha129

    Keep in mind there’s not a single rooftop on Staten Island that you don’t have to climb out a window to get on to

    Twitter: @JoanGlackin

    oh like you wouldn't LOVE to go on a date to a red sauce restaurant in staten island with pete davidson

    Twitter: @danielleiat

    imagining Kim Kardashian on the Staten Island Ferry. It’s the first I’ve laughed in weeks.

    Twitter: @argentiny666

    If that wasn't enough, last night, Kim and Pete reportedly had dinner again — this time at a fancy Manhattan members' club. That's two dinners in two nights, people.

    Well, alright then!