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    Kanye West Seemingly Responded to The Pete Davidson Music Video Backlash

    "Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm."

    Content Warning: Some discussion of domestic abuse.

    Kanye West appeared to address criticism of his "Eazy" song and music video, which includes lyrics like, "God saved me from the crash / just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

    A closeup of Kanye wearing a denim jacket and dark sunglasses

    For context, Kanye has been vocal about his disdain for Pete Davidson in recent weeks — calling him “dickhead,” “garbage,” and “trash.” At one point, a leaked message from Kim allegedly showed her fearing that "someone will hurt Pete" after Kanye created a "dangerous and scary environment."

    A closeup of Pete smiling as he's being interviewed on a late-night tv show

    Then, earlier this week, Kanye released the music video for his track "Eazy." The clay stop-motion video showed a Kanye-like figure kidnap, decapitate, and bury alive a caricature of Pete. The video ends with the message "EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER EXCEPT SKETE" — Kanye's nickname for Pete.

    The release of the video led to a ton of criticism being directed at Kanye:

    So, we are all going to act like Kanye West didn't just publicly threated to KIDNAP, DECAPITATE AND DRAG the body of Pete Davidson for dating his now EX-wife? Who told this man that he owned the world like wtf?

    Twitter: @dreaa_mejj

    Kim Kardashian has been declared legally single and in response Kanye uploads a stop motion music video of him KIDNAPPING and DECAPITATING Pete Davidson?????? This is abuse

    Twitter: @sexcipixiegrl

    Fast forward to today, and Kanye shared a screen cap from the opening of the video, writing in the caption, "Art is therapy, just like this view."

    "Art is protected as freedom of speech. Art inspires and simplifies the world."

    "Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm. Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal-intended," he concluded.

    Of course, some of the original critiques suggested that a music video that features a man decapitating his ex's new partner is hardly "art":

    Kanye’s new music video is of him decapitating Pete Davidson. HEY! Can we stop calling actual death threats “art?”

    Twitter: @Jakedoolittle11

    And even if Kanye asserts that his work is "not a proxy for any ill or harm," in my opinion it is hardly likely to quell the criticism that it is "disturbing" and reminiscent of tactics of abusers:

    As a survivor of domestic violence I can no longer just sit back be quiet. Kanye West is using his fame and music platform to harass and threaten Kim K and Pete D. It isn't art! It is disturbing, scary and wrong. He needs to be arrested.

    Twitter: @ElisabettaDrac

    We'll keep you posted if Pete or Kim respond.

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger as a result of domestic violence, call 911. For anonymous, confidential help, you can call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or chat with an advocate via the website.