Emily Ratajkowski Showed What She Did With Her Engagement Ring Post-Divorce, And It's Kinda Genius

    "We made the original two-stone engagement ring that set the trend… Here we go again."

    Emily Ratajkowski hinted that her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard has been finalized with her new pair of "divorce rings."

    Closeup of Emily Ratajkowski in a strapless outfit

    Shortly after they were first pictured together, Sebastian and Emily wed in 2018. Emily then debuted her Toi et Moi engagement ring four months after the courthouse ceremony, as Sebastian had initially proposed with a paperclip.

    "We liked the idea of two stones instead of one and spent a long time looking at rings with multiple stones for inspiration,” Emily said at the time, noting that the couple looked at over 50 sketches together. “At one point it included a ruby as the second stone, [but] ultimately we loved the idea of the femininity of the pear contrasted with the architecture of the princess.”

    However, Emily filed for divorce from Sebastian in 2022. She confirmed that she still had her ring the following year, saying that she does not think of divorce as a "sad thing." She explained on her podcast, "I know a lot of people who are unhappily married for a very long time because they're so afraid of divorce, and I don't think that's a good way to live."

    Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard

    In a new Instagram post captioned "divorce rings," Emily revealed what has become of the ring — namely that it's now two rings.

    The pear-cut diamond now sits on an independent ring, while the princess-cut stone has had a diamond added to either side.

    Close-up of Emily Ratajkowski with light makeup, resting her chin on her hand adorned with rings

    The rings were made by jewelry brand Alison Lou, who posted on Instagram, "We made the original two-stone engagement ring that set the trend… Here we go again @emrata Divorce Rings.""

    Why not!

    UPDATE Alison told BuzzFeed, "Emily and I spent a lot of time talking about what she wanted and how she wanted to feel when wearing the rings. Being as there were two stones, the idea of divorce is a separation so it was always going to be splitting the ring into two separate but complementary rings. We wanted to give them both their own moment to shine. Using the Pear Shape Diamond as a pinky ring gave it real umph and [is] not something you see everyday. The Princess cut, we wanted to make it feel like a larger stone so we added two stones on either side. Emily really wanted it to feel like one big stone and by doing so it created an art deco feel which we both loved."