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Elliot Page Said That He Would Have Sex "All The Time" While Filming "Juno" With His Costar Olivia Thirlby

"At that we started sucking face. It was on."

In his new memoir Pageboy, Elliot Page recalled his relationship with Olivia Thirlby while on the set of the 2007 movie Juno.

Elliot Page smiles on the red carpet of a formal event wearing a tux

“I was taken aback the moment I saw Olivia Thirlby,” he reportedly wrote. Although they were both 20 at the time, he said that Olivia seemed “so much older, capable, and centered" than him — "sexually open, far removed from where I was at the time. But the chemistry was palpable, it pulled me in.”

A closeup of Olivia Thirby talking to another person in a TV scene

Things took a turn for the sexual after the two began spending more time with one another. "We stood in her hotel room. Billie Holliday played. She was about to start making lunch, when she looked directly at me and said point-blank, ‘I’m really attracted to you.’ ‘Uh, I’m really attracted to you, too,'" Elliot wrote. "At that we started sucking face. It was on."

"We started having sex all the time: her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant.”

Olivia smiles as he holds one hand on her hip as photographers take her photo on the red carpet

The relationship isn't the only one Elliot writes about in Pageboy. Elsewhere, Elliot said that he and Kate Mara dated while she was with Max Minghella in 2014 — which Max was supportive of.

However, other names are kept anonymous — like a closeted costar who he dated for two years. "Feeling hidden was far too painful. That was impossible and not a sustainable relationship at all. And it taught me that I was not gonna do that again," he said of that time.

Pageboy is out now.