We Ranked 16 "The Devil Wears Prada" Characters To Find Out Once And For All Who The Villain Of This Movie Is

    By all means, click this at a glacial pace. You know how it thrills me.

    The Devil Wears Prada is a film that has inspired devotion and endless rounds of online discourse about who, exactly, the villain of this coming-of-age rom-com-but-for-your-career movie is.

    In the interest of putting this debate to rest once and for all, and in honor of the film's sixteenth anniversary, me (Mary Colussi, hello) and my partner in The Devil Wears Prada investigations, Natasha Jokic, have decided to rank all of the characters and societal forces in this film from least to most villainous. Disagree if you must, but know that we have watched this movie a frankly unsettling amount of times between us, so we're coming by our opinions honestly.

    16. Nigel

    Nigel looks to the side

    15. Andy's Dad

    Andy's dad smiling at her

    14. Jacqueline Follet

    Jacqueline Follet smiling

    13. Doug

    Closeup of Doug

    12. Lily

    Lily smiling

    11. Serena

    Closeup of Serena

    10. Emily

    Emily sitting at her desk and smiling with her hand under her chin

    9. Dean & DeLuca (The Grocery Store)

    Nate saying, "Man, they charge like $5 a strawberry there!"

    8. Andy

    Andy sitting at her desk

    7. James Holt

    Closeup of James Holt

    6. The twins

    Miranda's twin daughters standing on the stairs

    5. Irv Ravitz

    Irv sitting at his table and clapping

    4. Miranda Priestly

    Closeup of Miranda Priestly

    3. Christian Thompson

    Christian Thompson talking on the phone

    2. Nate

    Closeup of Nate

    1. Toxic Work Environments in General