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Chris Pratt Talked About Feeling "Upset And Depressed" Amid The Controversy Surrounding His Latest Instagram Post

"I knew, though, that if I put on my Christian music playlist and I got out in the woods and ran, that I'd feel better."

Chris Pratt posted an Instagram story about feeling "upset and depressed" following criticism of his latest Instagram post about his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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Yesterday, Chris's post garnered attention for its tone after he wrote of Katherine, "She helps me with everything. In return, periodically, I open a jar of pickles. That’s the trade. Her heart is pure and it belongs to me. My greatest treasure — right next to my Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie card."

Some also took issue with the line about Katherine giving him a "gorgeous, healthy daughter" — given that his son with Anna Faris, Jack, was born nine weeks premature and had severe brain bleeding.

Anna and Jack with Chris at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
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Jack currently has visual impairments as well as a non-life-threatening heart problem.

Wearing an American flag shirt and hat, Chris said on his story, "Good morning, everybody. I went to bed last night really kind of upset and depressed, and I woke up feeling crappy, and I didn't want to work out."

Chris Pratt / Via Instagram: @prattprattpratt

"I knew, though, that if I put on my Christian music playlist and I got out in the woods and ran, that I'd feel better, but I just didn't want to. I did it anyways and gosh was I right, it felt amazing. I got out in the woods, got my blood pumping, and God sat down there right there next to me," he continued.

Chris Pratt / Via Instagram: @prattprattpratt

"I don't get emotional that often, but I actually got emotional there in the woods. I just felt like there was another in the fire standing next to me — that's the song, actually, I think that's the lyric in the song."

Chris Pratt / Via Instagram: @prattprattpratt

It's likely that the song Chris was listening to was "Another in the Fire" by Hillsong UNITED — a band that originated as part of the same Hillsong Church that Pratt has faced criticism for in the past. 

"But that moment, it really captured me. So I just really want to say, all glory to God. If you feel down today, maybe exercise, maybe listen to some good worship music or get the word in, because it really helped me this morning."

Chris Pratt / Via Instagram: @prattprattpratt

...We'll keep you posted if Chris updates anymore.