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    Cardi B Showed Her "Mustache" In A Fairly NSFW Instagram Story

    "Mustache is mustaching."

    If you follow Cardi B on social media, then you know the rapper isn't afraid to be rather, er, candid. As such, her recent discussion on upper lip hair was certainly no exception.

    Cardi posing on the red carpet of the People's Choice Awards in a sequined dress with a sweetheart neckline

    "Mustache is mustaching," she began the video, posted onto her Instagram story.

    a closeup of Cardi's bare face

    Cardi then followed up by saying, "They say if you have a mustache, you've got good pussy, so purr."

    Now, I have never once heard this saying — but, as someone with a wonderful amount of upper lip hair, I'm inclined to agree.

    This isn't the first time Cardi has made such a claim — back in 2018, she shared a video saying, "You know, as I get older and I wax more, I notice that my mustache is getting thicker, but it's cool though, cause bitches with good mustaches got good pussy."

    Why not?!