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Ben Affleck Was Photographed With His Daughter, And She Looks Exactly Like Jennifer Garner

Okay, but who WASN'T at this party (me).

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet, was photographed at a party this weekend — and folks are pointing out how much she looks like Jennifer.

It's not the first time that such a comparison has been made. Behold, Jennifer and her 17-year-old at the White House last year.

the two holding hands as they walk through the white house

Well, Ben, Violet, and Jennifer Lopez recently attended Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin's White Party...

Michael Rubin / Via Twitter: @michaelrubin

...and yup, they were photographed all together:

ben in the middle with his arms around violet and j.lo

I mean, surely you see it?

closeup of them posing for a photo at the party

It didn't take long for Twitter to point out the similarities:

Michael Rubin / Via Twitter: @868nathan

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!