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    Aubrey Plaza Subtly Revealed On Instagram That She Got Married To Jeff Baena, And The Internet Is Not Okay

    I'm fine!!! I'm fine. It's fine! This is fine.

    Aubrey Plaza just announced that she's married her long-time partner, screenwriter Jeff Baena.

    George Pimentel / Getty Images

    If you're like "?!??!?!?!?!," then you're not alone. Aubrey posted a pic of the pair earlier today, with the caption, "So proud of my darling husband @jeffbaena for dreaming up another film that takes us to Italia to cause some more trouble..."

    ...And the people* said, "Excuse me, ma'am, HUSBAND?"



    Yup, Aubrey's rep even confirmed the news to People. It's real!!!

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / WireImage / Getty Images

    The couple have been together for 10 years and worked together on movies like After Beth and The Little Hours.

    As for the internet's reaction, well...


    Twitter: @kndrickfolklore

    like im happy for Aubrey Plaza and all but also please do not text i am going the fuck through it rn

    Twitter: @undeadartclub

    aubrey plaza just casually dropped she got married on instagram nobody talk to me for the foreseeable

    Twitter: @markruffaloTD

    aubrey plaza's husband count your days, i will steal your girl

    Twitter: @caytweetz

    *Wipes away tear* Congrats, Aubrey and Jeff!

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