21 Tweets About Cats That Will Cleanse Your Soul

Our love for them is almost as strong as their ambivalence towards us.

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1. This selfie queen:

2. This baking ingredient:

3. This busy bee:

4. This stud:

I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn't get chilly with the A/C on and now he thinks he's a stud

5. This important mage:

6. These rebels:

ME: okay guys I bought a $100 cat tree and multiple beds just for you CATS:

7. This tiny, screaming moron:

she's been screaming at these water droplets for 3 fucking minutes get out of the shower you tiny moron

8. This work of art:

9. This new and interesting animal:

10. This cat, who now holds all the secrets of the universe:

On this day in history: my indoor cat went outside for the first time, finally understood his place in the universe

11. This signature:

12. This hottie:

13. This accurate artistic depiction of a cat:

"I'd like you to paint me a cat." "A what?" "A cat. You do know what a cat is, right? You've seen a cat?" "Uh, yeah… https://t.co/RiTvmjM0Uy

14. This bowl of liquid cat:

- yet more proof that cats are in fact a kind of liquid

15. This very interesting new species of mollusc:

scientists are baffled by this new snail species

16. This story, waiting to be told:

There's a good story behind this gaffer tape, I bet.

17. This mighty warrior:

lord give me the confidence and fortitude of this cat wearing a dish towel cape

18. This health-and-safety-abiding lil' guy:

19. This terrifying scene:

20. This cat, having a transcendental experience:

Gave my cat some catnip and he's been laying like this for 2 hours

21. And finally, the only thing we can all agree on: