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18 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summarised Your Relationship With Makeup

"Hate when I am wearing makeup and still look shitty, like what else am I supposed to do? Get enough sleep? Eat right and exercise? As if."

1. This betrayal:

2. This other reason people wear makeup:

3. This great advice:

4. This Catch 22 situation:

5. This calming strategy we all use:

6. This change in attitude:

7. This inevitability:

8. These impossible demands:

9. This inner monologue:

10. This slight irony:

11. This terrible mistake:

12. This disappointing sister:

13. This slightly unhygienic philosophy we're all guilty of:

14. This conspiracy:

15. This obvious statement:

16. This excellent procrastination technique:

17. These shifting ideologies:

18. This perfect response: