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    23 Entirely Innocent And Not Even Slightly Rude Pictures Of Food

    These are just regular pictures of things that do not look vaguely sexual at all.

    1. These are just berries, what else could they possibly be?

    2. This is just some raw chicken, that's all!

    3. Nothing rude here. Just a tomato.

    4. And this is just a regular ol' potato.

    5. No one could possibly think that this looks like anything but lemon meringue.

    6. This is clearly a tub of chocolate ice cream and that is all that it looks like.

    7. And this tub of ice cream is also completely unremarkable.

    8. This is just a regular baked sweet potato!

    9. What's this on the lawn? Just a mushroom, obviously.

    10. This is just an innocent kiwi.

    11. And this, a simple chicken tender that could not be mistaken for anything else.

    12. Please keep your perversions away from this carrot.

    13. And this innocent, very erect radish.

    14. Please do not sexualise this fried chicken.

    15. This is just some careful graphic design on some buttermilk, that's all.

    16. This is some bread that was thoughtfully made in the shape of an elephant, of course.

    17. Just some delicious sausage rolls.

    18. Nothing but a joyous, child-friendly chocolate treat to see here.

    19. What a bountiful lemon.

    20. Just some ham. That's all that this looks like.

    21. This is but a humble persimmon, a popular fruit is eastern and central Asia.

    22. And this is a slightly melted peanut butter cup, what did you think it looked like!?

    23. And finally, I can assure you, this is just some cooked beef.