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    18 Times Cats Were The Purest Creatures In This World

    100% uncensored purity.

    1. These little ones that haven't mastered the art of queuing:

    2. This gentle furry baby:

    3. This acrobat:

    4. This lesson in compromise and tolerance:

    5. These pure, sweet babies:


    6. This endless closet of infinite joy:

    7. This beautiful mermaid:

    8. This sweet little baby:

    9. This patient kitty that's clearly humouring it's human:

    10. This okay pet:

    11. This musical prodigy:

    12. This beautiful baby, clearly experiencing snow for the first time:

    13. This ball of fluff playing with some bubbles:

    14. This stylish cat that does not appreciate being bothered:

    15. This vocal beauty:

    16. This guy, that really captures a mood we've all experienced:

    17. This slow-motion battle:

    18. And this friendly little baby: